13 Reasons Why: Season 2 Review


Andy’s Reviews by: Andia Medina

We are welcome back to the hallways of Liberty High, which still holds the memories of Hannah Baker. An on-going trial is at stake as her mother tries to find justice and show people what lies behind the system of the school. Clay Jensen still lingers to the memories of his past friend and is given a polaroid with the intentions to stop Bryce from walking freely with no repercussions. As the story follows, Clay and the others are bound to discover that the tapes weren’t all what they seemed.

In this second season of 13 Reasons Why, they tackle real world issues such as suicide, sexual assault, bullying and more. In the beginning of the first episode actors Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker), Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) and Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis) explained what the series is about and share discretion that the series may not be right for those that may be struggling with the issues at hand or that it should be watched alongside a trusted adult.

The series show an amazing character development for each and every one of them, from discovering a secret relationship to learning that one person could have prevented a traumatic event. Understanding that Hannah’s life wasn’t just her tape, but more. As the trial unravels, we are showed that Clay Jensen can see what can be called the «Hannah Ghost». But as the problems deepen, we understand that what he is seeing is his perception of who Hannah was.


I consider that the series covers the day to day actions that some high schoolers have and are going through. From bullying to now, recently, sexual assault. I like how they are pointing these topics at hand so we can start a conversation and as well be aware of it. Other points that have an amazing impact are the memories shared by Hannah from the other classmates, giving her life and not just remembering her as a suffering teenager. Although some people are talking about how slow paced the beginning of the episodes were, I believe they are the right pace to set the mood once again.

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