Entrevista especial con Vera Bambi (Poison Ivy), talento de Bat In The Sun

En una entrevista super especial, tuvimos la oportunidad de hacer unas cuantas preguntas a Vera Bambi, talento de Bat In The Sun, responsables del popular «Super Power Beat Down», quienes regresan pronto para una nueva temporada. Vera es destacada por su participacion de Poison Ivy en el mencionado canal, disponible en YouTube, y proximamente sera parte de los anfitriones del regreso de «Beat Down»:

Tell us about your experience working with Aaron Schoenke and Bat in the Sun? 
Aaron and Sean are so incredibly talented and hard working. It’s particularly nice to be around a father and son directing duo, makes everyone at BatInTheSun feel like a big family. My experience has been an uplifting and inspiring one. I’ve had the honour of being surrounded by a lot of interesting and diverse talent from actors, fighters, stunt artists, makeup, hair, wardrobe, photographers and camera crew. I’m familiar with this sort of company, but this is my first experience having so many talented people in one room. And it’s truly lovely to be embraced and welcomed by everyone. Being a Batman fan makes it even better as it’s something everyone seems to have in common. 

Aaron Schoenke is so hard working and focused. It’s impressive to watch him in his element, juggling an impossible workload and to see the respect he has earned from everyone on set. He has challenged and taught me so much, I’m so inspired by him. 

Watching Kevin Porter as Batman leaves me speechless, I must admit that I fangirl a little. I also get quite the kick out of Sean Schoenke, having had the opportunity to watch him make music behind the scenes is just incredible. I’m learning and experiencing something new with these guys all the time.

How big of a deal is Batman in your life and is Poison Ivy your favorite character, and if so, why?
Batman is pretty huge for me and Poison Ivy is my favourite character, yes. I quite enjoy the villain in most stories. Firstly, I think it’s psychologically fascinating to try and understand the motives of evil people. Perhaps that’s in honour of self preservation or avoidance… I’m really not sure where my fascination comes from. 
Every character in Batman’s rogues gallery holds a very interesting story, but Poison Ivy’s is my favourite. She’s horrifically evil and terrifying of course, but she’s also standing up for a greater cause than herself.
I am in no way a villain, but I do like to see some of myself in her. I really enjoy her relationship with Harley Quinn. Harley is a complete mess and Pamela really grounds her in reality, she has a very nurturing and motherly presence. Defending the defenceless with her sights set on the greater good, not just with nature but with Harley as well. Her beauty and abilities as a temptress have a way of inspiring the sexy side of me as well. The sexy character always gives me energy and stars in my eyes.

Vera Bambi es Poison Ivy en Dying Is Easy.

What was the process like of becoming Poison Ivy and what was the coolest part portraying the character?
The coolest? Well, Poison Ivy is my all time favourite comic character, so this has been a dream come true for me. If I could personally select any role, this would be it. 
The process is a very long and awkward work day as I had to be up at 4:00AM to get started on hair and makeup, then I’m doing my best not to move too much so the makeup can look it’s best. I spent the entire morning in a makeup chair trying my best not to mess anything up. Once the face and hair were done, there was no more sitting for me, I was on my feet playing it very cautious. The makeup artist Chrissy-Lynn was so wonderful, following me around for touch ups and making sure I was taken care of. I even got to learn a little about wigs from Jessica Mills, which is a topic I could discuss for hours. It was like a girls day, they made it so much fun. 
Just to give you an idea of the work that went into makeup, it was a 15 hour day for me, I spent maybe 3 hours watching others film their scenes and doing photo shoots, then I was really only in front of the camera for about 30-45 minutes. I slept like a baby that night.

What is your favourite Super Power Beat Down episode?

My favourite is Wonder Woman vs Wolverine. I think it’s beautiful, brutal and just really well done on everyone part. Then the ones I always recommend to my friends are Batman vs Darth Vader, and Nightwing vs Winter Soldier. 

What would be your dream fight on Super Power Beat Down?
I‘m bias, but Poison Ivy vs Joker. I know BatInTheSun doesn’t usually put two characters from the same universe together, but I just want to see Pam defend her girl. 

What are your future projects?

Well, I’ve been in talks with Aaron about possibly being the host for Super Power Beat Down, which I am very keen to do. I’m also working on my annual calendar that I sell on VERABAMBI.COM.
I’ll also say; I’ve got a lot of stuff in the works I have to keep quiet for the time being, but I will always update my fans on social media as news becomes public.

Any message for all your fans?

Just that I am so incredibly grateful to them. It’s thanks to their support that I was able to make this connection with BatInTheSun and now with GeekZpot. 

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